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World Music Project “Maktoub”

Life is a Journey

Join us on our musical journey from Andalusia to Morocco to ancient Mesopotamia.
This project beautifully illustrates the ability of people from different cultures to come together and harmonize without barriers or prejudices.
And it is through this harmony that our eyes are opened and we learn to respect the beauty of this world.

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Our Values – Carta

Our Values – Carta

  • We are an idea and value community
  • We stand for freedom & tolerance, equality & unity – we are an art & culture platform
  • We do not pursue any religious and political goals and are committed to social protection and the promotion of artists
  • We market artists & cultural goods in order to grow economically & to do good!
  • We are committed to underprivileged countries
  • We accompany social projects there and want the
  • Give artists a lot of attention and a forum
  • Everybody is welcome with us, who is with us
    looks cosmopolitan into the future and shares our vision of art world socially, culturally and economically.

We are an arts & culture platform

We welcome anyone who looks to the future with us and shares our vision of art of world socially, culturally and economically.