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World Music Project “Maktoub”

Life is a Journey

Join us on our musical journey from Andalusia to Morocco to ancient Mesopotamia.
This project beautifully illustrates the ability of people from different cultures to come together and harmonize without barriers or prejudices.
And it is through this harmony that our eyes are opened and we learn to respect the beauty of this world.

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A unique project

The unique project sustains the management and the production of music, literature, visual arts and dance.


The aim of the DCS Art World is to show cultural diversity through music and promote the music international.


Promotion of literature is full of challenges, but for us it is passion for Writing and ambition for publishing good books.

Visual arts

DCS Art World aim to promote visual arts projects, to expand and reach beyond the traditional confines of art, becoming more accessible to a broader audience.


Promoting the intangible heritage, through forms of expression such as dance, music, theatre and other arts.

Cultural projects

DCS Art World merges passion with joy to build cross-cultural relationships and promotes culture, education and art.

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