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World Music Project “Maktoub”

Life is a Journey

Join us on our musical journey from Andalusia to Morocco to ancient Mesopotamia.
This project beautifully illustrates the ability of people from different cultures to come together and harmonize without barriers or prejudices.
And it is through this harmony that our eyes are opened and we learn to respect the beauty of this world.

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Roundtable Dialogue and concert

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Identity Expression and Mutual Understanding through Words and Music

DCS Art World sets forth a new project in keeping with the Carta of ist principles (which imply firm stance in favour of universal values such as peace, freedom, tolerance, equality and mutual understanding among people of diverse origins).

The envisaged event is meant to be a debate between distinguished intellectuals about the appeasing role of artistic expression – through word and music – in today’s far too conflicting world.

The presumed list of guests compromises both literati and musicians (the latter may not only participate in the exchange of ideas, but also offers some impromptu performance):

Victor Neumann, historian, political analyst, professor at the West University in Timisoara, currently director of the Art Museum in Timisoara (2021 European Capitol Of Culture).

Emil Hurezeanu, writer and Romanian Ambassador in Berlin

Dimitriu Preda, historian and former Romanian Ambassador in Havana/Cuba

Gheorghe Schwartz, writer, author of numerous books

Sorin Antohi, historian, essayist, translator, editor

Abba Khider, Iracian born writer who lives in Germany

Virgil Mihaiu, writer, diplomat, professor of jazz aesthetics at the National Music Academy / Cluj

Sorin Ciatacu, professor at the West University of Timisoara, Department Of Modern Languages and Literature

Marius Preda, brilliant poly-instrumentalist, maestro oft he cimbalom in ist jazz avatar

Rhani Krija, the excellent Maroccan percussionist

Decebal Badila, outstanding jazz bassist

Lucian Nagy, poly-instrumentalist, rising star on today’s jazz scene.

The participants are supposed to express their own views concerning means by which literature and music might effectively express and enrich historical, cultural, individual identities, so as to cope with with nowadays‘ cosmopolitan, multicultural, all-encompassing challenges. In this respect, an important asset will be the guest-musicians‘ expertise in the field of ethno jazz & world music.


The event will take place in Timisoara in 2021 in the Art Museum under the conduction of the international well known Victor Neumann an outstanding historian.